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Top 7 Tips to Generate High Quality Sales Leads!

Any business needs to Generate High Quality Sales Leads and convert high quality leads to succeed. However, with the changing business environment, one wonders what are the best ways to generate good leads.

To help you figure out how to grow your business faster, we bring you the best advice on the internet on lead generation. Follow these tips and we promise that your business will have a wider customer base! 

Excited to find out? Let’s take a look: 

Focus on online channels

Online sales channel inforgraphic

There is no reiterating this fact enough. Online is where the world is at now and you too should focus on digital channels. 

Zone in on addressing the various pain points your product or service solves. Also, make sure you create a user interface of your online presence that is akin to your end customer. If you are a B2C platform, then your language and visuals will be a lot different than a B2B platform. 

The best way to make sure that your branding and voice are on track is to compare your website with a few competitors. 

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Don’t forget to send emails

Send email gif

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Not only is it personal and value-adding if done right, but also, it provides one of highest returns on investment at an average of $42 on every dollar. 

However, email marketing can easily go wrong if it is not strategized well. The trick is to always ask for your lead’s consent before sending them posts. This way you don’t end up on spam folders and get blacklisted on your email marketing platform! 

Send them value-adding material like news pieces, blog posts, white pages, ebooks, and more at frequent intervals. Remember to leave them breathing space and if you can, always send out emails on the same days of the month. That way, if your content is good, you can create a sense of waiting in your email leads. 

Don’t forget to use Quora

Quora screenshot

Quora is an excellent place to help people find out more about your business. The platform has user questions on almost all fields. All you have to do is find out your niche topics and help your users answer the questions that your product or service solves. 

Make sure that your post actually helps them. Do not write an answer that is just a plug for your business. That will just end up being scrolled over. 

However, if your answer gives them a fresh perspective into their problem, then your link is much likely to get a click and upvotes from users. Also, do not forget to add a solid call to action that sends them straight to your landing page! 

Adapt to the visual

Video marketing funnel

With video advertisements becoming more useful by the day, it is time businesses consider adapting to a more visual marketing strategy. Research has already concluded that videos with an embedded form in the first 20% of its length convert 43% of the time. 

Break down your video ads strategy and balance well between top of the funnel videos, middle of the funnel videos, and bottom of the funnel videos. 

Top funnel videos are less targeted and more value-adding Middle and bottom of the funnel videos are more targeted and could cover features, products, services, and/ or testimonials. Adding a lead form within the first few seconds of your video ad will surge your lead generation numbers in very little time. 

Use retargeting and search advertising

Business Team on a dart hitting the target to show retargeting customers

Search advertising and retargeting are some of the most effective ways to generate high quality leads. Both these strategies focus on audience that are looking for similar services or have already visited your website. 

According to statistics, 98% of your first-time visitors are unlikely to convert. With retargeting, you can use cookies to place ads during their web searches and increase your recall. 

On the other hand, search advertising can help users enter into a guided process of a landing page, where the idea is to end with a purchase. Therefore, as a marketer, it is your duty to make your landing page problem-solution oriented and embedded with direct calls to action. 

Content Marketing should always be priority

Amazing content gif

Content marketing is one of the best ways to Generate High Quality Sales Leads, especially if you are low on budget and just starting out. 

Keep uploading high quality content through regular blog posts, newsletters, white pages, ebooks, and lead magnet case studies. 

Also, do not forget to diversify. Just posting on your website may not be enough. Post on public blogging platforms like medium, or write articles on LinkedIn. This way your content is able to reach more people and engage with them. 

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Start a referral marketing offer

Referral marketing program

Let’s get one thing clear, referral marketing always works. Research has concluded that brands with a referral program are 37% more likely to retain customers obtained from the channel.

Combining your referral marketing strategy with a loyalty program can help you get high quality leads in a short amount of time. Not just that, you save a lot of money on acquiring new customers, which is one of the biggest challenges for any new company! 

These are our top 7 tips to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads for your business. Each of these methods are tried and tested and will leave a lasting impact on your revenue. If you are looking for more such ways to grow your business, then get in touch with us at Nexuses and let us help you hack your growth and expand your business.