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Published on: Marketing

Effective ways to win an appointment with your B2B Prospects

Being a B2B business is tough and the amount of effort that a person has to put in to get an appointment with his prospects, during the initial stages of the business defines the way forward for the same. There are a lot of things that you as an entrepreneur have to take care of and when you already have a lot of things on your plate, it can be hard to take care of them all.

✔️Have an efficient team that knows how to make valuable contributions to the organization they are working for.

✔️Your sales team is one of the most important and integral parts of any B2B business and if it does not know what kind of methods and tricks are used to set an appointment with the prospects, then sadly, your business is destined to fail.

✔️ Train your representatives with some highly effective B2B appointment setting techniques which will boost your sales and thereby profits!


3 steps to approach your target audience

It is understandable that you would want to reach out to as many people as you can with whatever product or service you are offering, but that does not mean that you would mindlessly offer your services as a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with your products or services.

✔️ Be wise to define a target population that is going to receive calls, ads or messages from you when you are trying to sell them your services.

✔️ 80% of leads get disappointed when they hear from a person who knows very little about the services their organization offers and if you are disappointing your leads, in the first call itself then how are you going to convert them?

✔️ The most efficient B2B appointment setting techniques, considering the scenario you must know what you are selling and if that is going to solve a problem of your prospect.


Calling your leads without caring about their time would portray you as insensitive irrespective of what kind of situation they are in. The first and foremost step in multiple B2B appointment setting techniques would be

✔️ Know what is going to be an appropriate time to talk to your leads

✔️ The best time to call your leads is between 11 AM to 1 PM & 3 PM to 5 PM on weekdays

✔️ The most convenient way to figure out the right timing of calling a lead is to simply ask them directly if it is a good time to talk, if the answer is negative then ask them when is it best possible for them to connect and then plan accordingly.


Whenever you call a lead to pitch them your product or service, you must ensure that they get enough time to express their thoughts.

Why is that important?

If wondering why you should waste your time listening to the lead talk about random things when on a call with you, right? Well,

✔️Listening is one of the most important B2B appointment setting techniques which has proven to be helpful in building trust.

✔️Paying attention to your leads would leave a great impression on their minds and that would increase the chances of them getting associated with you.

✔️ According to a Hubspot survey, 61% of people do not like sales representatives who just keep talking about their products without listening to a single thing they say.


There is a high chance that you would confuse value building with sealing many deals as possible, but that is not exactly what is meant here with value building.

✔️The term is used in the sense that you should focus on building a relationship with the lead which would turn out to be more beneficial than you could have imagined.

What you can do to build the value of your company?

✔️Its product and yourself is that you should listen to the client well to know their expectations from your organization.

✔️Let them know what other benefits they would be getting when they associate with your organization. It is similar to going to a coffee shop and a guy coming up to you with the perks and benefits you would get for being a loyal customer of their shop. This is a good example of value building because the guy here is offering you so many things along with your coffee that you would naturally prefer that coffee shop over the others. Be the guy from the coffee shop and tell your leads about the additional perks they would receive after joining hands with you.

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You will come across a lot of individuals who would behave differently from you and their different behaviours are the key to your growth as a B2B sales representative.

b2b customer buying journey

Why is that so?

✔️You get a lot of experience about how to deal with a certain set of people.

✔️You would have a lot more confidence while pitching your products to new people.

✔️It would become easier for you to identify which lead is worth your time.

✔️ Analyze your journey as a sales representative and see how you can use your experience as an effective tool to set an appointment with new leads.

Marketing To Your B2B Prospects Even When They’re Not In The Office

Upon the application of the B2B appointment setting techniques by your sales representatives,

✔️You would find that the number of converted leads has increased and is going to help the organization big time, Apart from the monetary benefits received upon closing deals with multiple


✔️You would find that the reputation of your agency or organization would increase manifolds and if we have to tell you what wonders a good reputation can do for your business, then you should probably think again about getting into this business. Although the techniques mentioned above are highly effective, the fact that most of them are written with an ideal situation in mind and not a practical one. It must be taken into consideration so that they can be modified according to a practical setting. Other than that, you can be assured that the correct implementation of these techniques is going to help your business a lot!

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