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Published on: B2B Lead Generation

2022 Key Trends for B2B Lead Generation You Must Know

After a setback of two years, most businesses are now in their renewal phase. Accordingly, to face the challenges triggered by the pandemic, more companies are reevaluating their functional B2B lead generation strategies, as they should.

With the emergence of work-from-home and hybrid culture, brands are trying to revamp their thought process regarding marketing. They are now more upfront about creating customer-centric and personalized campaigns. As a result, entrepreneurs keep a close watch on the newer trends for optimal B2B lead generation.

Here’s your cue to find the top trends for B2B lead generation that are helping businesses generate leads with more effect.

Top trends to follow and implement for B2B lead generation

Business owners keen on boosting their B2B lead generation should consider following these top trends:

Adopt a data-driven approach to amp up operation

Benefits of Data driven approach

Data and analytics in decision-making are gaining rapid importance in the B2B space. The same use is no longer limited to just large companies with huge capital backing. Reports suggest that nearly 59% of enterprises now use analytics in their decision-making process.

Entrepreneurs believe that adopting a data-driven culture helps unlock huge potential in a business’s operation. They also emphasize that adopting the data-based approach in operations helps build an efficient market strategy.

Customer data platforms for juggling bulk data

By integrating the customer data platform, businesses can now manage bulk data with ease. This latest trend has proven effective in creating a continuous, unified database that is also easily accessible to other systems.

This platform helps create a customer profile by simply collecting and compiling information from various sources, assisting businesses to build a more effective lead generation process.

While businesses extract data with the help of CRM tools, behavior on the website, and social media trends, it is wise to adhere to data collection policies like the GDPR rules to minimize the risk of legal proceedings.

Intent data for prompt identification

Intent data is one of the most popular lead generation trends in 2022. This trend helps identify decision-makers who are willing to purchase specific products to resolve the challenges their business faces.

This type of data is collected by third-party by analyzing the blog posts read, messages received, and inbound and outbound engagement created. As a result, it helps businesses identify the potential to lead more effectively. As an entrepreneur, you can target potential leads by simply studying the keywords used in their Google search.

Account-based targeting for effective personalization

Do you know what makes targeting and personalization in B2B more complicated? It involves more than 6 – 10 decision-makers in a buying group. However, with account-based marketing, businesses can overcome this crisis by simply targeting accounts that comprise multiple decision-makers.

This strategy is quite effective in lead generation, and reports suggest that using account-based marketing has increased by nearly 47% since 2016. Owing to the spectacular results in lead generation, this particular strategy is a hit among businesses.

Top trends for b2b lead generation

For instance, over 98% of respondents in the 2021 ABM Benchmark Survey agreed that they are using or plan to use account-based marketing. Strategies based on account pretargeting, targeting, and retargeting are expected to keep businesses buzzing.

Sales specialization for better results

Gone are the days when a single seller used to carry out multiple sales tasks and processes. For instance, more sellers are now focusing on specialization as new roles in lead generation are coming into play.

Accordingly, entrepreneurs are more inclined toward hiring talent with the required skill set to perform specific requirements regarding research, campaign strategy, BDRs, copywriting, SDRs, etc. As per LinkedIn, job roles such as sales professionals and business development were among the fastest-growing positions in 2021. Additionally, the number of hiring for these roles surged by 45% year-over-year.

Use of automated sales cadence tools

This particular trend is becoming a favorite among entrepreneurs, primarily because of its lead-generating capability. Automation of sales cadences enables salespersons to carry out multiple functions with ease. Some of the taxing tasks simplified by this tool include:

👉 Data check

👉 Assigning routine processes to computers

👉 Personalization of strategies

👉 Boosting lead generation

👉 Customizing the outreach process

👉 Tracking the progress made

These are among the top benefits of using an automated cadence that offers the flexibility to focus more on important tasks and ensures better quality lead generation.

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Omnichannel outreach for better connection

In the last few years, omnichannel outreach has emerged as a huge trend and will be one of the top trends to follow in 2022. Experts believe the popularity of omnichannel outreach is attributed to the rising power of self-serving digital channels and remote interactions.

Businesses tap into this trend by delivering their target messages via multiple channels to engage quality leads that turn into sales. Some of the most popular outbound channels for omnichannel outreach include phone calls, cold emails, and social media platforms. With the help of an effective sales cadence tool, businesses can bank on these popular outbound channels to boost their reach and engage better in lead generation.

Interactive content for better engagement

Outreach campaigns cannot sustain on their own if they do not manage to attract the target’s attention. Experts predict that nearly 82% of internet traffic will be occupied by video content. This is why businesses need to make their content stand out from their competitor. Creating interactive content is among the top ways of generating engagement among the audience.

As a result, more businesses are not upfront about curating interactive content in quizzes, infographics, audio, and surveys to keep leads engaged. Also, more companies are now open to creating Instagram Reels and Podcasts to connect with their target audience and boost their source of leads.

Outsourcing lead generation tasks

One of the most proactive trends of generating leads these days among businesses is outsourcing. As more companies are trying to restore their pre covid glory, they quickly adopt cost-cutting techniques. They are also more open to outsourcing lead generation in case of a lack of resources to hire, train, and sustain an in-house SDR team. 

Outsourcing lead generation is not only a cost-effective means of generating leads but also increases businesses’ scope of attracting quality leads. However, the success of a lead generation campaign typically depends on the growth marketing agency a business owner picks to outsource the task. 

For instance, leading growth marketing agency Nexuses has a proven record of successful lead generation campaigns. By delegating the lead generation task to Nexuses, businesses can refocus their energy on other important aspects of the operation.

Additionally, the growth marketing agency is also efficient in generating high-quality and sustainable leads to help scale up the sales and marketing of their venture. By appointing the expertise of Nexuses, one can bank upon these key trends of B2B lead generation and more to amp their business sustainably.

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