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LinkedIn Marketing: a complete insight to grow your business

The core essence of a business whether it is a startup or a well-established organisation is marketing. Marketing puts forward how mass consumption can be determined with proper advertising with Linkedin marketing and promotional techniques.

To survive the severe competition marketers no longer resort to only traditional marketing methods. In this technologically advanced era, every individual has basic access to the internet and every consumer is well aware, marketers use social media as their tool.

Social media marketing drives high audience engagement and higher the audience engagement the higher are the chances of generating leads and sales. Strategy to reach the audience more personally and grow the brand over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit is considered as a “SMART” goal.

Adopting new and innovate marketing strategies help business to retain consumers and ensures their survival.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social media LinkedIn offers a more professional touch for marketers so for most B2B LinkedIn is the new ” MANTRA”. LinkedIn focuses on professional networking and career development with millions of business professionals and users worldwide.

LinkedIn is similar to a social network site like Facebook based on principles like connecting to Friends (in this case LinkedIn connection), posting updates, sharing and liking content and instant messaging other users.

LinkedIn offers a platform where every professional individual has a profile with proper resume, work experience, accomplishment, recommendations and referrals from colleagues and this enables a marketer or a professional individual to connect to one another to talk business or build a personal relationship.

WHY LinkedIn Marketing Matters?

B2B marketers approach LinkedIn as a content distribution channel. Chalking out strategies, setting objectives, creating quality content and weaving all these into an organization’s marketing plan secures a significant advantage.

Some marketer adapts to strategies that are focused on more value creation by keeping the customers informed, positioning the organization for the recruitment of future employees, branding, driving traffic.

Posting Links to high-value content at the end of the article and creating an effecting plan on how to move every visitor into the nurturing strategy of the company can drive mass traffic.



DO’S AND DO NOT’S OF LINKEDIN MARKETING: lead generation strategies

To smartly use LinkedIn as a marketing tool constructive measures need to be adapted. With the emerging competition often professionalism lacks the personal touch and within day to day life the most important criteria for success is the personal touch. The first important thing is to follow people personally and connect. Building a relationship is the key to LinkedIn marketing.

After every conversion, the crucial factor that improves customer retention is building a personal relationship. Connecting with lots of people can improve the chances of lead generation rather than only the ones people know in their real life.

If one takes business online (Virtual world) then it is necessary to engage with virtual people

It is important to “CONNECT” with people than rather “FOLLOW”. The difference between the two is what makes LinkedIn different from other social media. Follow is just like watching a person’s activities silently but to connect means to engage and interact along with follow.

The new mantra to chant while trying to connect in LinkedIn is not to resort to a long spam message. A short and simple message is a heart winner. Responding to people who respond to you manually can help build stronger interpersonal connections.

Generating Leads on LinkedIn> Growth Opportunity:

Outbound lead generation method like deciding on a target audience, the company size, target market and translating those ideas into a sales navigator search based on geography, relationship, past lead and account activity, company headcount, industry then ” Cold Messaging” people who fit those criteria and then finally connecting to them just not generate lead or build relationship but opens a path to inherent growth opportunities for every organization.

LinkedIn is an empowering platform to acquire market insights, the perfect place to tap great ideas and potential making it the king in the world of lead generation.

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