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4 Most Powerful B2B Marketing Tactics To Crush Your Competitors

Does the question of how you’re going to boost the efficiency of your B2B marketing in 2020 keep you up at night?

The business environment has become much more competitive than it has ever been.

And B2B marketing is dramatically transforming. In the last 10 years, B2B buyers and their actions have transformed significantly, due to the technological progressions that have taken place during this period. The decision-makers in B2B businesses are also evolving, with Millennials making now more than 50% of all B2B buyers.

So let’s look at some of the tactics and strategies that progressive thinking companies should embrace to boost their marketing efficiency and ROI.

Here are Four Ways to Crush B2B Marketing

1.A Short Free Trail:

Most marketers go for long period free trials, say 21 days or 31 days mainly with a notion that longer trial period will result in higher conversion rate but this method is outdated, B2B audience is more aware and even with a shorter trial period, the conversion rate will be same. So the new mantra now is “7 Day Free Trial”.

2.Offer Freemium Products/Services:

Freemium, a pricing strategy where a product or service is mostly provided free of charge but for additional features a user needs pay to avail those features. To attentively attract more B2B audiences offering freemium is the new marketing strategy. The main bait in freemium is if 100 users use the free services at least 7 or 8 users will opt for the additional features.

3. Go Omnichanel for B2B marketing:

Marketers mostly rely on paid advertisement mostly Facebook and Google ADS but to reach new audience marketers need to combine the channels or strategies instead of just relying on paid advertisements. Marketers can combine Facebook and Google ADS with freemium, content marketing, email marketing to create one omnichannel. The cost of acquiring customers versus the lifetime value of the customer even out as the paid advertising platforms are getting more expensive.

4. Make Use Of Customer Data:

Research and acquiring target audience information is the core essence of any marketing strategy. Making use of the customer data to understand what target audience wants and offering them what they desire is the key to the B2B marketing lead generation and growth.

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