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9 Ideas for Engaging Reels Video

Reels has proven that it is no fad. Rapidly gaining popularity with Gen-Z and Millennials, the app now attracts various businesses. These 9 Ideas for Engaging Reels Video will help you increase your reach and extend your business horizons to a new level.

While Gen Z uses the platform to display its creative side, some brands have begun to experiment with brand promotion.

Not sure how to get started? We have got 9 Reels marketing strategies for your brand promotion!

9 Ideas for Engaging Reels Video for your brand

Let other people create for you.

Instagram introduces Reels to challenge to TikTok | Buzz

Additionally, some brands encourage consumers to post about their experience with your products or services online using a hashtag or QR code. If you have a shop, make sure your Instagram username is visible. It is quite likely that customers will post about their experiences on Instagram.

Your service matters!

Create a challenge using trendy hashtags

One of the most widely used ideas for Engaging Reels Video is by using #The hashtag challenge is a significant trend within the app. You can, for instance, place the hashtag on the packaging of your product or the menu of your restaurant and ask your customers to follow the hashtag challenge, which means dancing with your product in hand while listening to a particular song.

The Sephora Reel was created in collaboration with @ryanbpotter and reached more than 2.1 million views on Instagram. He presented a new challenge to all makeup lovers.

What is the most popular aspect of your brand? A contest to recognize your most popular products, services, or promotions.

Share an educational video.

Unlike goofy, irreverent content, Reels is a platform for sharing informative content in a straightforward, easy-to-digest format.

Teachers, physicians, marketers, etc., produce and promote informative and educational reels on Instagram, which is ideal for reaching teens and young adults who may not have personal health providers to talk to.

Through this platform, socially conscious businesses have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Partner with an influencer

Working with a creator or influencer on Reels allows you to connect with their audience and benefit from their creativity and unique style.

With over 1M views on each of their Reels, it seems Sephora has already mastered the Instagram Reels game!

They have already partnered with several brands and celebrities like Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Reese Witherspoon, and more, promoting them or the celebrities brand

There are a few ways to partner with Influencers on Reels:

  • Taking over an account: Allowing a creator to post their content directly from your account. Typically, these takeovers are cross-promoted through your account and the influencer’s account.
  • Hashtag Challenge: Engage an influencer to promote your brand’s hashtag challenge to their audience.
  • Influencer endorsements: Obtain endorsements for your brand or products on influential channels as part of a marketing campaign or a product review.

A few tips about working with Influencers on Reels:

  • Find the perfect match. Ensure that you do not simply partner with the most extensive influencer you can find; ensure that you partner with someone whose values and audience align with yours.
  • Be authentic. Influencers are valuable because of their authenticity that their audiences respect and love. To be an effective partner, you must allow them the freedom to create content for your brand. Form an action plan together.
  • Measure impact. You should have a specific objective in mind when partnering with an influencer. Track your success by tracking sales, audience growth, or campaign participation.

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Celebrate special occasions

The event provided a platform for accounts focused on women’s rights and history to get their due.

Like TikTok’s attempt, every brand should keep track of upcoming events or occasions relevant to their products and brand stories.

Remember: A social media content calendar can help you plan for those occasions to capture your audience’s interest.

Create a tutorial

Today, not only are beauty tutorials popular on social media, but tutorials of all types are as well. Everyone wants to learn something new, primarily when explained in a minute or less.

Recipes, makeup tutorials, marketing tips, and tricks are popular on Reels, and creators often cross-promote their YouTube channel where they provide more detail and in-depth content.

The possibilities are endless with Reels marketing strategies for your brand. Styling tips, product demos, fitness facts…the possibilities are endless. Dive in!

Cover current events

On this list of Ideas for Engaging Reels Video, we included trends although many viral trends live and die. But the outside world has an influence as well. Pop culture and major news impact the platform, where they take on a new life.

In addition, brands have accrued millions of Instagram followers by converting these topics into engaging video content. The Washington Post posts clips of the most trending or sensational news, which has an average of 50k viewers on each reel.

Serious topics are delicate, and humor is often taken lightly. The Washington Post demonstrated that it is possible to combine humor with information.

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Join a viral trend (or create your own)

Reels Challenge gif

On Reels, there is always a viral dance craze in trend.

Upon reaching mass, it becomes a part of mainstream consciousness, such as when SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Warren participated in the Flip the Switch challenge.

Dance challenges frequently include a particular song, a specific sequence of moves, or both. Flip the Switch, for instance, features Drake’s titular song and two people switching places in front of a mirror.

Create a branded filter

Likewise, brands can benefit from this feature by uploading custom filters to Reels.

If appropriately used, effects and filters can boost brand awareness and grow your audience and generate a lot of on-brand content from your followers and fans. Creating effects and filters requires design expertise from your in-house team, so it may only be worth it for a significant event.

A Final Note

Reels has taught businesses that experimenting with new platforms and thinking outside of the box can help engage new audiences and increase brand awareness.

Snapchat and Instagram creators have begun using AR lenses and filters to enhance their videos.

A Reel marketing strategy can prove very effective for your brand, so please consider downloading it and giving it a try.

Is this Reels marketing strategy relatable and valuable to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Grow your social media presence or create reels marketing strategy for your brand, we’ve got it all covered! We’ll handle your reels marketing from the ground up… so get ready for more business!