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YouTube for Marketing: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

YouTube, a platform where users upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment, and subscribe to other users. If one is looking for video marketing strategies, then there is no better platform than YouTube. YouTube is the most visited website on the entire internet with over a billion users. YouTube marketing is different from all other social media networks.

Let us then get ready to dive into the basics of YouTube as a marketing channel


YouTube has a diverse audience, with millions of active users who visit on a daily basis. 8 out of 10F people ranging between the ages of 18-49 watch YouTube at least once per month and that gives a marketer an enormous audience to present what they have to offer. The audience always prefers informative videos over reading lengthy blog posts.

YouTube videos are similar to that of a blog post and it fits effectively in the niche of content marketing. Liking, sharing and commenting on YouTube is also similar to any other blog post. Sharing and liking are considered as the most powerful tool on YouTube.

A-Z of YouTube Marketing For B2B:

The First Step in YouTube Marketing for any business starts with

Creating and branding a YouTube channel/Account for the business:

To create a YouTube channel first go to google mail and then click on create account

An option will pop up i.e create an account for yourself or to manage your business. choose “To manage my business”.

The next step is the creation of Google account which will be used later on for YouTube account’s login process

The next step is “Logging” into YouTube with the google account you created

Once signed in tap the account module and click “My channel” in the drop-down menu.

Use the business name in the channel option:

Customizing the brand account:

Adding a channel icon and channel art is the core step. There are two images. i.e the first is the account’s picture, which will work similarly like Facebook’s profile pictures and the second one is the channel art, which will be displayed at the top of your channel much like Facebook’s cover photo.

Then add a channel description

Add Links and contacts onto Your Profile:

The main goal of B2B marketing is attracting and spellbinding other business houses and that makes linking and adding contracts to profile a basic necessity

Create and add a Video:

The main thing about YouTube is video content. videos should be placed prominently in the top and near-center of your channel. When users click to it, it will auto-play, and that will immediately catch their attention. Use the videos mostly to introduce to customers what the business is all about how the channel will specifically benefit them.

You can use a video editor tool to create videos for your youtube channel.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization:

Once the YouTube Channel has gained stability, the next step is optimizing your channel to its fullest potential by creating and optimizing the video’s metadata. Metadata gives viewers information about the video, which includes video title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles, and closed captions.

Optimization of videos can be done in several ways

  • Add the highest-ranking keywords to the title
  • Place additional keywords in the video description
  • Choose the right tags for the videos

YouTube videos that convert and generates leads for B2B:

The main aim of B2B business houses is conversion and lead generation and there is a lot of room in YouTube to get creative with these strategies. YouTube has unique ways to leverage videos for B2B content.


Much like a blog post, a vlog can educate the target audience on a specific topic in a casual, conversational tone.

Product demos

A short video can explain the value of the product or service in a much more entertaining and engaging format.

43% of B2B buyers use online video to research products or services for their business

Brand Story

Brand storytelling is the core essence of B2B space. A brand story video connects the audience with the brand. Including interviews with the employees add a human element to the video.

Tips And Tricks for B2B audience retention after conversion

Posting videos constantly is the key factor in audience retention and constant lead generation.

Engagement in the YouTube community like any other social media is highly recommended.

Following influential accounts, such as industry thought leaders and influencers, and engage with them on a regular basis can attract affluent personas.

Use targeted advertising to supplement traffic to the YouTube page to boost important video campaigns.

Use YouTube Analytics which allows measurement of the success of YouTube channel using a variety of performance metrics.

You can do more than just boost social engagement on YouTube.You can build a community around your brand and reach new audiences, within a short time period. YouTube channel has grown to become an indispensable asset in the content marketing strategy.

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