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High-Quality Strategies to increase leads Using Cold Outreach Email+ Bonus Hacks!

Cold emails are an ambiguous proposition if you do not know how to land them the right way. Their open rates can vary from 1% (which is disastrous for your ROI) but don’t worry these High-Quality Strategies to increase leads are tested and tried by us and helped us to get our open rates up to 40%. Read the full blog to know more.

But what makes the difference? While cold emails open-rate and click-through-rate can vary from industry to industry, hence we have included effective strategies to increase leads and ways in which you can improve your campaigns too.

Before we jump into what are these High-Quality Strategies to increase leads are, let’s look at some statistics to help us understand how cold email outreach has changed over the years.

Cold email Statistics

✔️ It has now become harder to get responses from cold emails than 2-3 years ago.

✔️ 24% Cold emails never get opened.

✔️ 50% of emails are deleted within 5 mins.

✔️ An average business receives 147 emails a day.

The success of your cold outreach emails and generate high-quality leads depend on your ability to ‘STAND OUT’ in the crowd of their inbox.

To help you with that and more, here are nine tips:

1. Make your Ideal customer profile🤵

Establishing an ideal customer profile before sending out cold emails to prospects is the best place to start”

ICP- Ideal Customer Profile

On the surface, it might seem like many companies are going to be interested in your product. However, that’s far from the case. When companies decide on a new product, they look for ROI, scale, cost, and adaptability, among other things. Not all companies you are approaching now will be impressed with your product on all the above parameters.

To create the ideal customer, you have to find what businesses respond better to your cold outreach emails. It’s a process of trial and error – but worth the effort.

2. Know more about your Target accounts & Decision-makers🎯.

People receive emails starting with:
I am _ from __.

But be honest, would you click on an email that started like that and respond?

Probably not. All of us receive hundreds of such reach-out emails?

The first two lines of your email should add some value to your prospect. How do you do that? Could you find out more about them? Get as much data on your prospects as possible.

Find out what their company does and the names, business profiles, and emails of key decision-makers. This way, your emails feel researched and full of intent among all those run-of-the-mill forwards.

3. Warm-up prospects on Social Media

If you’ve found professional profiles that align with yourIdeal Customer,’ then approaching them on social media is a great idea. However, you have to remember not to hard sell.

Most social media platforms are cocktail parties, and if it’s LinkedIn, think of it as the lobby to an office building. Everyone’s there to do their job, so leave out the selling for your emails. Instead, please make a list of 10 FAQs that you get and approach them with the most likely pain-point question. When you get a response, ask for their email address and add it to your database.

4. Find new Contacts

Since it’s cold outreach email, the idea is that most of the prospects you are talking to are engaging for the first time. Therefore, you need to keep feeding the monster called ’email database.’
You can find online databases to enrich your own or go on social media to write down every person whose email is publicly available.

If you have a list of ideal companies as customers, then check out their contact pages as well!

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5. Reach them out and Talk about their industry.

Some of the most successful cold emails do not try to sell at all. On the contrary, they take a more noble approach. They thank the companies for the work they have done, including their products. Now, it might seem gimmicky, but genuine appreciation is hard to come by in the corporate world.

These emails are instant attention grabbers, and you can plug in your product at the end. Ask them for a meeting on the industry and then tell them how your product can help them do their job even better!

6. Personalize your emails

According to Propeller CRM, including the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase your opening rate by up to 22%. Why? Because it stands out among the myriad ‘Dear Customer’ emails that don’t get any attention.

According to Propeller CRM, including the recipient's name in the subject line can increase your opening rate by up to 22%.

7. Add more content to your cold emails.

And we don’t just mean text. Add a bit of humour, some pictures, or maybe a short video.

Add a little more content

This is one of our vital tips from our High-Quality Strategies to increase leads not only for cold emails but any business email you send.

Make the email a whole production – don’t just copy a run-off-the-mill template from the internet. When your cold outreach emails are more prosperous, they attract more people.

8. Follow-up on the phone ☎️, if you have the option.

If you can follow up on the phone, do not hesitate to do so after a while if your email has received no response.

A case study on Ambition Box, a company that improves employee productivity through software, showed that their first 600 emails had a response rate of 1%. However, when they started following up, it improved to over 12%.

When it comes to the efficacy of lead generation from cold outreach emails, follow-ups are essential! And if you can do it over the phone, then communicating becomes easier because you don’t have to wait for replies.

9. Retarget disengaged leads with lead magnets🧲

For the leads that have gone cold over time, it’s time to retarget them and bring their focus back on you. To help with this, you can use MOFU content like lead magnets to give them more information on how your product can make a difference for them!

The Content Funnel

Now, we’ve covered the tips to help you generate B2B leads with cold outreach email. But what next? We understand that most tips fall apart in the real world because no one mentions the dos and don’ts.

Here are a few BONUS HACKS to help guide you with that

Make it GDPR compliant when sending to prospects at EU 🛡️.

(Data privacy and spamming are now regulated in the region, and here are three things to keep in mind)

✔️ Do NOT forget to include opt-out links

✔️ AVOID generic spam emails

✔️ ALWAYS personalize the email copy for each customer

❌ Avoid reproducing cold email campaigns directly off the internet. They never work

Don’t sell. Build relationships. 💞

The core goal of an excellent cold outreach campaign is to establish relationships, not trying to sell. To do so more effectively, you should follow the below exercises:

✔️ A/B testing your subject lines can increase open rates by 49%
✔️ Use personalized videos and images and Add a clear CTA

These exercises and High-Quality Strategies to increase leads will help you build stronger relationships before you move to the bottom of the funnel.

Things to find out about Prospects 🕵️

Here are a few things to align your targets with your ideal customer:

✔️ Find out the company’s target audience.
✔️ What challenges your product will solve for them.
✔️ What is their business stage? Investment seekers or established corporations.
✔️ Do they have experience in using similar products?
✔️ Their decision-makers and negotiators.

After finding out these High-Quality Strategies to increase leads, you can include case studies of similar companies to make your cold emails more effective.

If you want to run an effective email marketing campaign or grow your business, get in touch with Nexuses today!