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Top 10 B2B Email Marketing Examples To Increase Engagement

 Top 10 B2B email marketing examples to increase engagement

Email is quickly growing as the preferred channel “of marketing” for B2B business owners. Email not only allows direct communication with customers but also delivers a higher return on investment than any other marketing channel.

Recent studies show that Return on Investment of B2B email marketing is higher than 3000% and it continues to be on the rise.

Because of its longer lifespan email has a great advantage over social media. Posts on Twitter or Facebook can live and die within hours but with email, customers can engage with it even days after they are sent. With the emergence of new profound digitalization, B2B businesses can implement more personalization and segmentation in email than it was possible even a few years ago.

How are you planning to use email marketing for your business? Are you thinking of methods to increase subscriber engagement? Increased subscriber engagement will lead to more sales, higher revenue and better profits. Are you thinking of sending different types of email campaigns to increase subscriber engagement?

If you are ready to take B2B email marketing, we have created a guide exclusively for you. Take a look at these B2B email marketing examples for inspiration on how you can harness the true potential of this powerful marketing channel.

Just a quick reminder – A subscriber needs to opt-in to your email campaigns and if they do not opt-in and you still send them that might turn out to risky.

Let’s begin!

1. Welcome Email Template

They say that the first impression is the last impression so make the first impression count. If a subscriber signs up to receive future blog posts or a series of email tips, you must thank them and welcome them. A strong impression can only be made if you work on it like how Buffer does. When anyone signs up on their web form, the welcome email includes links to their supporting email address and a link to their Twitter profile. This is very effective.

 Top 10 B2B email marketing examples to increase engagement

How to implement:

Welcoming a new subscriber to your business email list is another great way to build a strong relationship whether you use auto-responders or send the emails manually. It is important to make sure you introduce yourself and your organization in the email. Provide helpful links to content such as most popular blog posts or white papers, or links to your social media profiles attached With the email.

When to use:

Every time you get a new subscriber.

2. Curated Content Email Template

Nowadays building an organic mailing list is not easy, like it was 10 to 15 years ago. Most people are now cautious about giving their contact details. Most people will only invite you to their inboxes if your business can deliver insightful content that will benefit them just like how Hiten Shah, founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics does. He posts on topics that include SaaS, marketing, sales and growth which delivers valuable content directly to his readers without them having to search the content out online. In a way, he helps his readers to do better.

How to implement:

Irrespective of the industry you are in like banking, automotive, customer service etc you must work on your customer’s expectations by sending emails that contain curated content from a range of other sources on the internet. This is definitely a great way to deliver values without being self-promotional.

When to use:

Depends on how often you can curate content, it can either be weekly or monthly.

3. Video Email Template

Sometimes you can deliver high value to your subscriber with videos. Yes! videos. This is an out of the box method, unconventional yet highly effective. The founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean, use video content in his emails. Videos are definitely an interesting way than ordinary writings. People find videos more appealing especially when they do not have time in their hands. The videos in email help Brain create great rapport with his subscribers as they get to see and hear Brian on a regular basis. This builds a deeper connection with the audience.

How to implement:

Create a video version of your best-performing pieces of content. Providing audiences with little tips and tricks in the videos can win hearts. You just need visible on the screen.

When to use:

In order to engage with your audience on a whole new level, we suggest you go with this tactic on a monthly basis.

4. Inactive User Email Template

According to reports, around 40% of the email list is inactive.

You can send emails with proper content but sometimes people tend to become uninterested. A similar situation happened with Perfect Audience. So they tackled this issue by sending out an email to a new user who has become inactive. This kind of email becomes a great medium to rekindle the spark and provoke the user to restart the conversation and remind them that your product or service is beneficial for them. You can also ask them for their feedback and ask questions in case they have.

How to implement:

Make a list of all the inactive users who have not opened their email or read over the last 12 months and then send an email that includes:

  • Who are you and what do you do i.e your organization
  • Why they have signed up with you
  • A question or an invitation to start a conversation

When to use:

Three to four times a year

5. Webinar Email Template

When it comes to customer acquisition channels, webinars act like a charm. It is a powerful way to speak directly with your customers. Kissmetrics has shown us how they use email marketing as one of the ways to promote a webinar. This is an easy way to inform subscribers about upcoming events so that they can schedule their time to attend the event. Webinars are a great way to showcase your expertise and engage with buyers’ who are in the lowest profile of your sales funnel.

How to implement:

Use existing content and use it in the webinar topic instead of creating a new topic to host your webinar on. After this send an email to your subscriber list with an invitation to your webinar. Make sure to clearly describe the topic of the webinar and the date and time.

When to use:

Every time you plan to host a webinar

6. Case Study Email Template

A case study is a great way to show how your product can help your user improve. Eyequant use case study emails to provide deep insight into the challenges most users face. A case study generally explains how your user needs to use the product and what kind of results they can expect. The results are the most important part of a case study since showcasing product value can earn the trust of your customers.

How to implement:

Email your prospects with a link to an existing case study. Make sure to create more case studies but remember to mostly focus on the results part since the true value of the case study lies there.

When to use:

This is mainly aimed at the last stage buyers. Send an email with a case study quarterly or every alternative month.

7. Request Demo Email Template

About 80% of the marketers believe that “live demo’s with sales representative” is one of the most effective ways to generate high-quality leads. Inviting potential customers to a personalized demo with a sales representative is a powerful method that even LinkedIn follows. LinkedIn not only sends a personalized email invite but also sign off with an image from one of their sales representatives. Adding photos is always a way to build trust. This type of email is generally short and personal based on the customer’s behavior.

How to implement:

Make a list of prospects who have completed at least one key action on the website. The next step involves creating a personalized email and inviting them to a live demo.

When to use:

For every new lead on a monthly basis

8. Getting Started Email Template

Sometimes sending an email which comes with the option to download the product works wonders. Evernote happened to use this and this mostly works because it continues the conversation that started when a user visited the website and signed up. Downloading the product and installing it comes as the next step. Evernote generated 200 million users through this.

How to implement:

When someone signs up, send an email to continue the conversation. Make the focus of the email clear with just one call to action whether the user needs to install or download.

When to use:

When you get a new user.

9. Thank You Email Template

If someone downloads a piece of content or completed an action on the website then a thank you email is a great way to strike a conversation and connect with the audience. Unbounce has adopted the same. They send a thank you email when you download a piece of content. They prefer plain text, rather than an HTML designed email template and this gives a feeling of genuineness to the audience.

How to implement:

You can use an auto-responder for this type of email. The best way to approach is to start the email by thanking the audience. You may also include a direct link to your content, so they can access it instantly. You can also provide links to your resource page or a link to your product page whichever is most feasible to you.

When to use:

When anyone completes an action of your website

10. What’s New? Email Template

One of the amazing things about SAAS products that you can keep on improving it and adding features. The problem arises when you are busy developing new code, testing new features or rolling out Beta versions of a new product update, your majority of customers becomes aloof to your product and this exactly a “What’s new” email turns out to be most important. To keep your customers informed and stimulate new excitement in them about the new additions they are about to receive is effective in a positive way.

How to implement:

Anytime when you decide upon the additional feature that impacts the user experience, it becomes important that you communicate about this via email. Email them before launching the new feature or on the same of the launch. In both cases, it is very effective.

When to use:

Every time you launch a new feature or a product, email the updates to your customer database.

Wrapping Up

You can use B2B email marketing in countless ways to communicate with your customers. It is easy to customize a campaign for your specific needs and interests. Whether it is a free trial, webinar, case study or simply a thank you, as a B2B business owner you can leverage your brand with the help of email marketing by forging a stronger relationship with your mailing list.

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