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Website Checklist: 7 “Must Have ☝️ ” Items for Your Home Page

Website Checklist: 7 "Must Have ☝️ " Items for Your Home Page

Selecting the right home page items can be difficult, especially because there are so many products and services to pick from. Your homepage should have a very clear hierarchy of information where your visitor can figure out where they are at a glance and should capture their attention, answer questions, and lead them to what they’re looking for. But most importantly, your home page needs to be designed in a way that gives people an engaging experience.

Here 👇 are 7 website checklist items that you might consider adding to your site’s home page.

Logo and Brand Identifier

Adding your company logo and tagline at the top most of the website homepage page so visitors will instantly know what kind of website they are visiting. Also try include other branding elements so that you are consistent across all marketing vehicles. Include images that clearly communicate and relate to what your business does.

Clear Navigation

Website Checklist

Clear Navigation makes it easier for website visitors to follow by displaying the most important content at the top. Clear Navigation provides an easy fix to improve your customers’ experience and increase sales.

If your site has numerous pages, then incorporate a drop down menu instead of trying to crowd too many links in the main navigation.Ensure that your navigation bar works perfectly across all devices and that your 🔗 links work perfectly as well.

Call to Action 🔈

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The Home Page should contain a call to action at the top of the page. Think about what action you want your visitors to take and incorporate it into a clear call to action.

Calls to Action are most effective when they are positioned prominently. For example, make them large enough to stand out and be noticed. Place them where visitors will see the action you want them to take. Place clickable calls to action at a logical point in the page, such as before a list of features or benefits.

Company Overview

It is very important to include Company Overview on the homepage. It helps people know about the company. Any company looking to connect with new customers is going to need a strong, solid company overview. You’ll want to start by clearly stating your services and products with the majority of the overview being dedicated to explaining what makes you different from your competition.

Lead Magnet

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A lead magnet is a piece of content that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s contact information. This can be a workbook, checklist, PDF, or eBook. It doesn’t really matter what it is. As long as it’s relevant to your core product or service it will help bring you new qualified leads.

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Compelling Headline

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If the headline doesn’t convince your audience, they will never read the rest of your Content. Include a strong headline that stands out and conveys why your audience should use your product or service.

Contact Number

Adding your number to your website has been proven to drive more business than using social media. It’s also a very effective way to make it easier for customers, both new and repeat, to get in touch with you.

With Inbound Marketing a phone number on your website will direct traffic to the right contact while branding at the same time

Key Take away

Without a well defined strategy, you may end up with an ineffective website. Remember that results are only deemed successful if they drive success. Successful companies understand this and ensure their website checklist include all the elements that are needed to drive conversions. Remember to always make your sales pitch short, tidy, and obvious. Always keep in mind that people have very little time to read your content, so use relevant images and headlines to help your content stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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